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Decorate your wedding with fruity


On a wedding occasion, it is not hard for us to find fruits all around. The reason why fruits are so popular on the most important day of one’s life is their bright color and sweet smell.

The rich color of fruits makes them as beautiful as flowers, and sometimes even more pretty than flowers, since they have more color than flowers and can keep much longer than flowers. The fruits with warm color such as pomegranate, orange, lemon, kumquat, green apple and so on, which can help to make a wedding occasion a colorful garden and create a fresh feeling that flowers can never bring. Among the warm color, the most comfortable and sweet is no doubt the red system, and this may explain why oranges and red apples are the common fruits we can see on a wedding occasion.

With the decoration of fruits, the wedding occasion would be full of the sweet smell, especially under the help of aromatherapy, all of which make the occasion a sweet dream garden.

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